How to Grill Tri-Tip Steak Strips

how to grill tritip steak strips

If you’ve never tried grilling tri-tip steak strips before, you are in for a treat. The results are wonderful and you’ll love how easy it is to prepare.

Marinate the steak

Marinating tri-tip steak strips is an easy way to enhance the flavor and tenderness of your meat. A marinade can be used as a dipping sauce during the cooking process, and it can also be used to coat the surface of the steak.

A steak marinade is a blend of oil, lemon juice, and other flavors that can be added to the meat before grilling. Using a marinade to coat the surface of the steak will help the flavor of the steak penetrate deeper.

Marinades are easy to make. All you need is a large bowl, a blender, and a sealable bag. You can add ingredients like olive oil, garlic, and herbs to create a flavorful marinade.

Whether you use a dry rub or a marinade, you need to be careful not to overcook the meat. This will dry out the steak and decrease its moisture retention.

Before you start cooking, you need to get the steak to room temperature. Use a steak thermometer to ensure that your meat is cooked to your desired temperature.

Cook the steak to an internal temperature

There are a few things to keep in mind when cooking tri-tip steak strips. First, you should be sure to cook the meat to a proper temperature. This will help ensure that it is tender and flavorful. Secondly, you should allow the meat to rest after cooking. The longer you leave it on the grill, the more likely it is to dry out.

To start, you should remove the silverskin from the steak. Silverskin is an outer layer that does not break down while cooking. You should also remove the fat.

Next, cut the meat against the grain. This will ensure that the fibers are shortened and will make each bite easier to chew. It is important to remember that if you overcook the meat, the end result is not only dry, but it will be chewy.

Then, use a meat thermometer to determine the temperature of the steak. For medium rare, the internal temperature should read about 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sear the steak after grilling

When grilling tri-tip steak strips, it is important to sear the steak. Searing the steak helps to add flavor and gives the meat an authentic and dark crust. The meat should be placed on the warm side of the grate, not directly over coals. This method also prevents the meat from drying out.

Before cooking, season the tri-tip with salt and pepper. Alternatively, you can use a favorite spice blend. If you use a dry rub, you’ll want to wait a few minutes to allow the marinade to work its magic.

Once the steak is seasoned and preheated, it is time to grill. To determine the proper cooking time, take a look at the thickness of the steak. Thicker cuts need longer cooking times. In addition, thin steaks need fewer minutes.

The second step in the grilling process is to sear the steak. Searing the tri-tip allows the charcoal-grilled aroma to permeate the meat. With a grill thermometer, you can determine the perfect temperature.

Serve with ciabatta rolls

The flavor of grilled tri-tip steak strips can be enhanced by adding your favorite ingredients. You can serve the meat with your favorite toppings such as lettuce, cheese, and sliced onions. It can also be served as an open-faced sandwich.

For a delicious sandwich, it’s important to choose the right bread. Ciabatta bread is an excellent vehicle for flavorful ingredients. If you prefer soft bread, you can use slider rolls instead.

To make a grilled tri-tip steak sandwich, begin by marinating the beef in a sauce for a couple of hours. This will allow the flavors to soak into the meat and keep it moist while cooking.

Then, slice the steak thinly. Slicing against the grain will help to ensure that each bite is tender and chewy.

Once the meat is sliced, it can be grilled. Grilling over a high heat will give it the fullest flavor.

In addition to grilling, you can also smear a thin layer of butter or olive oil over the ciabatta. If you aren’t a fan of toasting your sandwiches, you can broil them instead.